There is a new fad out there called “vajazzling”, when a woman has her pubic area bejeweled with crystals.  Yes.


I now have seen everything.

This, in my own opinion, is the mark of a tramp.  Anyone who gets these is most likely promiscuous. Some may do it for their partners, like women who are just getting married or have an anniversary.

This is so silly. So women will be walking around with crystals on their pubis and just above that.  Nobody will see those except for their partners, unless they wear VERY skimpy bikinis and very low-rise jeans and skirts–then some of it will show.



Really, when I think of what kind of women who would do this, I think of airheads and whores. Yet I shouldn’t judge everyone who does this now.

Surprising a man with this may scar him for life.

Well, this is one fad I don’t think I’ll be going along with.



I have issues with Ke$ha’s music. First, she spells her name with a “$” symbol in it. Next, her music is so annoying.

I listened to her song on Youtube titled “Blah, Blah, Blah”. That’s just what the chorus is: her singing with the backup track shouting “blah, blah, blah”, describing some stupid stuff a man said to her. Good grief.

I commented “I am in my 30s and I can’t believe I just listened to this garbage”. I instantly got flamed by some teenage girls who said things like “I hate it when adults make fun of our music”.


Real music isn’t about needing a back-up track in order to sound good. It isn’t about saying the same lyrics over and over. Singing on stage shouldn’t be all about smoke, lights, skimpy clothes, and running around. With real talent, theatrics are only second.

Oh well. I doubt people will be listening to Ke$ha in a few more years. Then again, I am no prophet.

I do admire some of the teens on Youtube who do admit they listen to older music and like it. I like their non-conformity and their desire to try new things.