I saw a segment on the news where some parents were protesting “toxic” Halloween costumes.  They were holding signs and standing with their kids to protest potentially dangerous chemicals in children’s Halloween attire.

This is just another thing to prove how paranoid parents have gotten these days. Remember they are talking about HALLOWEEN costumes. Kids only wear them for a few hours of trick-or-treating or maybe to one or a few parties for a few hours. That’s it. Then the costumes are usually discarded or stored away.

So these parents are worried about a costume their kids will wear for a few hours and will be in a garbage bin or box on November 1. They think that chemicals inside them will cause their children harm.

First, everything is made of chemicals. Foolish people think they can avoid chemicals and go for all-natural things that are supposedly safe and “chemical free”. There is NOTHING on Earth that is free of chemicals. Some synthetic chemicals are benign, and some natural chemicals are dangerous.

Next, Halloween costumes are designed to be worn over a regular outfit. The costume doesn’t usually touch much skin. Also, as long as kids don’t chew the costume, they won’t ingest any chemicals.

So, parents, please lighten up about chemicals.



Halloween costumes can be hazardous by children tripping and falling in them. First, make sure there are no capes or skirts that are too long that a child can trip on. Masks should have good eye-holes in them so kids can see.

Be careful about props like wands and swords. Kids can get hurt by those. Make sure they are light-weight and don’t have sharp edges.


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