Lady Gaga’s Flying Dress

Lady Gaga just revealed her latest fashion faux pas. The artist known to have worn outlandish getup like a meat dress and showed up at an awards ceremony in a giant egg; now has a flying dress. Yes–a dress that helps her to fly.


Gaga has a dress with a metal bodice that is attached to six turbines that can take her off the ground. She calls the contraption “Volantis”.

Being a singer isn’t just about singing, it’s also about having a great stage presence. Yet Gaga takes that to a new level. She does have good music for a singer of today.  She really doesn’t have to do such weird stuff to be a good artist. Yet that is what Lady Gaga is known for, her strange antics and costumes.

Many years ago musicians relied mostly on their musical talent to have a good performance. They knew how to capture an audience mostly with their music, and they also did know how to act in front of their fans. In the last few decades, many pop and rock artists have gotten very vulgar and outlandish in order to outdo other people and to get publicity. This trend is unnecessary. Buddy Holly wasn’t rubbing his genitals in front of the crowds and Petula Clark wasn’t wearing a pair of pasties while singing “Downtown”. Both are still loved to this day.

These days theatrics and wild costumes are what makes much of people’s shows.

Well, now, I think I’ll put on some Bach.


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