Shopping on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has been an annual event for all US states since Abraham Lincoln fixed the date in 1863. For 150 years, Thanksgiving has been a time for families to spend time together, eat good food, and pass on traditions. Thanksgiving observations were always centered around the home. People either stayed home or went to a relative’s house to have dinner together. Some charity events have  a dinner for people who are either poor or don’t have anyone to spend the day with.

The Friday following Thanksgiving is the heaviest shopping day of the year. It has been that way for years, since people wanted to get an early start on their Christmas shopping. Also, since many people are staying with family, they can go shopping together and decide what people will want for Christmas.

Eventually stores, most especially franchised department stores, started giving deals for the day after Thanksgiving. The day became known as “Black Friday”. Crowds lined up hours before opening time in order to get great deals on things like video game systems, DVD players, wide-screen TVs, and many other things on sale. The typical Black Friday shopping spree is one of chaos, with a maze of carts and people. People commonly fought over things, as the best deals went fast.

The madness was saved for Friday. Black Friday became a sort of holiday of its own. Then in 2012, Wal-Mart, one of the main destinations for Black Friday shoppers, decided to open its doors on the evening Thanksgiving day. This created lots of backlash from people who felt that is wrong. Yet Wal-Mart made sales at 5,000 per second on Thanksgiving 2012.

Now in 2013, many other stores are now opening on Thanksgiving evening, trying to compete with other stores for people’s money.

The opening of stores on Thanksgiving is sickening. It is forcing workers to not be able to spend the entire holiday with their families. Of course there will always be some people that will have to work on the day, like security guards and doctors, yet there should be as less people at work as possible. The day is there for people to stop and give thanks for the things in their life that give them blessings.

Thanksgiving was the ONE holiday that wasn’t commercialized. The commercialization of Christmas was saved until Thanksgiving was over. Now the commercialization is spilling over into Turkey Day. This trend is alarming. 

Now, people do have a choice as to whether or not they shop on Thanksgiving. Yet having the stores open is still having workers be there, and some people will do it anyways. There is no reason why shops stay closed on Thursday. They will make enough money to break even. Yet they are stuck in GREED.

Well, here is a list of stores that are NOT open on Thursday:



Ace Hardware



Home Depot

T.J. Maxx

Dillard’s Inc.

B.J.’s Wholesale Club


Stores open on Thanksgiving:


Big Lots

Dollar General

Rite Aid

Gander Mountain



Lord & Taylor

Old Navy


Babies “R” Us

Toys “R” Us

Best Buy

Sports Authority


Abercrombie & Fitch


Dick’s Sporting Goods




J.C. Penney



Office Depot







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