Maine has Amish

I recently learned that Maine has Amish people. Smyrna, Unity, and Fort Fairfield have new communities of Amish coming from other parts of the USA, namely Kentucky and Missouri. Maine must be refreshing for them with how quiet it is.

I am glad that the land is being used by them and not developers. It is a shame that so many old farms and dairies in New England have been developed into shopping centers, McMansions, and other crap.

I do hope the best for these people. Not many tourists head to northern Maine. Most of the tourists are outdoorsy people who enjoy nature and going off the beaten path. Those types should have respect for them. The rest are rich people on their ski vacations. Those should just stay at the ski areas.

I would like to visit the interior of Maine someday. I have been to the coast a few times and I liked it. I have acquaintances from Caribou and some distant relatives in Presque Isle.

Something about Maine’s far north does entice me. It scared the crap out of Henry David Thoreau. After living at Walden Pond in his shack, he wandered up there. He high-tailed it out of there and didn’t look back. Bill Bryson, while trying to complete the Appalachian Trail, backed out with his friend Katz. That part was just too rough. Just my style.



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