Young People Who Can’t Cook


The sad truth of the 2010s is that more and more young people don’t know how to cook. I have known many families with kids who can’t even turn on a stove. Learning how to cook a nutritious meal is important. It helps us to avoid prepared foods from factories that have lots of preservatives, sugar, and salt. It is also great to have cooking as a hobby since it gives people satisfaction that they created something good.

While in high school, I took an art class in a room that used to be used for Home Economics. There were still some old tan stoves in there that were just part of the scenery. The cabinets were filled with jars of ceramic paint. I loved my classes and the teacher was great.  I did wonder when the last time Home Ec. was offered.

My mother graduated from high school in 1967. She had to take sewing in 7th grade and 8th grade took cooking.  It was great.

I do wish that all kids learned how to sew and cook while in school. It would help kids to learn to make healthy meals for themselves, instead of eating out so much. Also, knowing how to repair a garment is good, so that less clothes get thrown away.