Ebola in Connecticut

It looks like Ebola is now in Connecticut. A doctoral student at Yale may have gotten the disease in Liberia. Yale purposely decided not to quarantine this individual and another student because they weren’t in a clinical setting. This makes me so mad. They should have been quarantined since they came from an epidemic-ravaged area.

From WTNH two days ago:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The two Yale doctoral students who have just returned from West Africa, will not have to be quarantined.
The students traveled to Liberia to help set up a computer system so officials can track the spread of Ebola. Yale says the two never came in direct contact with Ebola patients and were never in a clinical setting.
Originally, the two were going to voluntarily quarantine themselves for 21 days. Instead the doctoral students will follow CDC guidelines and be monitored for signs of the deadly disease for three weeks.


LATER: the student tested negative for Ebola. Phew!


Comparing decades

  • 1900s. Bad: 1in 5 kids died by age 5. Good: airplanes invented, Einstein’s 1905 papers
  • 1910s. Bad: WWI and Spanish flu epidemic. Good: post-Impressionism movement continues.
  • 1920s. Bad: Prohibition. Alcohol gangs cause lots of violence. Good: Expatriates in Paris.
  • 1930s. Bad: Great Depression. Good: 1939 was a golden year for films.
  • 1940s. Bad: WWII. Good: many great movies.
  • 1950s. Bad: poliomyelitis. Good: rock and roll!
  • 1960s. Bad: social unrest. Good: social upheaval.
  • 1970s. Bad: disco. Good: Classic rock.
  • 1980s: bad: cheesy music, films, and fashion. Good: the cheesy stuff was fun, though.
  • 1990s: bad: AIDS epidemic in full swing, good: lots of great music.
  • 2000s: bad: 2001attacks, Bush. Good: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.
  • 2010s: bad: Obamacare, War on Terror not over, bad music, fashion reminiscent of 1990, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!