Comparing decades

  • 1900s. Bad: 1in 5 kids died by age 5. Good: airplanes invented, Einstein’s 1905 papers
  • 1910s. Bad: WWI and Spanish flu epidemic. Good: post-Impressionism movement continues.
  • 1920s. Bad: Prohibition. Alcohol gangs cause lots of violence. Good: Expatriates in Paris.
  • 1930s. Bad: Great Depression. Good: 1939 was a golden year for films.
  • 1940s. Bad: WWII. Good: many great movies.
  • 1950s. Bad: poliomyelitis. Good: rock and roll!
  • 1960s. Bad: social unrest. Good: social upheaval.
  • 1970s. Bad: disco. Good: Classic rock.
  • 1980s: bad: cheesy music, films, and fashion. Good: the cheesy stuff was fun, though.
  • 1990s: bad: AIDS epidemic in full swing, good: lots of great music.
  • 2000s: bad: 2001attacks, Bush. Good: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.
  • 2010s: bad: Obamacare, War on Terror not over, bad music, fashion reminiscent of 1990, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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