Card 1: How you feel about yourself »
The Star
You feel there is hope, or if you don’t, have faith – a tranquil period is imminent. If you have been ill, suffered bereavement or disappointment in love, take heart, good fortune is on its way. New horizons are indicated and you will feel a new zest for life.

This is your wish card – if considering a new love affair, new job or career, or travel, then go for it. You may also receive a gift or gifts!

The Devil
Card 2: What you want most right now »
The Devil
The cards suggest that what you most want at this time you can’t have, and like the forbidden fruit this only makes it all the more tempting. Alternatively you know you could go for something, but it would be a bad choice and you’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, you want passion and gratification – just be careful where you go looking for it.

The Emperor
Card 3: Your fears »
The Emperor
You are sensing that success is just around the corner but it feels elusive, just out of reach. You may be concerned that the support and help you want from your father, husband/partner or a man of significance in your life won’t materialise.

Trust and ask for the help you need, and success will be yours.

The Fool
Card 4: What is going for you »
The Fool
This is an exciting time with much potential for fun and good times. Your confidence should be high, it’s a great time for new possibilities. If you are considering leaving your job, home or relationship, in time you will. An unexpected desire will be fulfilled, even before you express it!

The World
Card 5: What is going against you »
The World
As always, fear holds us back and so often leads to missed opportunities. Do not give up or change direction this late in the game just because you have experienced delays – stick with it, have faith and trust the universe, and you will reach the successful conclusion you are wanting.

The Tower
Card 6: The likely outcome »
The Tower
A period of dramatic change and upheaval, however this period of change will herald a new beginning. It is time to re-evaluate – sometimes, as difficult as the disappointment has been to take, change can create new possibilities you never dreamed of. There could be problems relating to your property, or if considering a new property or move, progress will be thwarted.

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